when it’s crucial in upgrading your memory

Today we are going to be talking about installing memory. To find out what kind of memory we have we want to head on over to crucial.com .  I have provided a Link below;


Once your at the website you can Upgrade my device choose the” Crucial system advisory Scanner,” at the bottom of the page.



crucial system scanner (2)

Before using the scanner make sure you  check the box to agree to terms and conditions and click “download the scanner.” tab. If you have Firefox as a browser, your download will be stored where the arrow button located the home button to the far right is located. Click yes, and the scan will begin. Using Google, the program will load at the bottom of the screen

Scan in progress will appear, than it will show how many slots you have on the computer, how much memory is installed, what type of memory and what it recommends. You should have your memory in a couple weeks. Below are instructions on how to install your memory. You should notice an improvement in the speed of your computer.

To add memory, we first want to make sure we are wearing the “electric static discharge strap“.(it goes around your wrist and it will have an alligator clip attached with a cord.

First thing you want to do, is unplug your laptop or desktop. On a laptop, remove the battery, then push in on the power-button for one minute, to discharge the computer. This will be after you unplug the computer. If you own a desktop, unplug the computer, push in on the power button, this will remove any power left inside the power supply.


English: Antistatic wrist strap Deutsch: Antis...

English: Antistatic wrist strap Deutsch: Antistatikband (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once this is done, remove the cover on the desktop, Unplug the computer from the outlet, attach the electrostatic discharge wristband, take the alligator clip and attach it to a metal surface on the computer. Now, you are ready to begin.

Now when you install memory you want to have two of the same, make sure you don’t mix the memory use 2 sticks of 256 or 512 you don’t want to use 1 gigabyte and one stick of 512 everything has to be equal.

Carefully slide the memory sticks into the slots, there are notches on either side, when you push down the plastic clips will lock into place After your done, disconnect the “electric static discharge strap,” . Make sure the memory sticks are in the groove before you place the cover back on and then plug-in the computer. When you start the computer up,you should see on the display what memory was added. God Bless.


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