HP Mini 110-3518cl

HP Mini-Note 2133, Asus Eee PC 701 and Everex ...

HP Mini-Note 2133, Asus Eee PC 701 and Everex Cloudbook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we will be doing a recovery on a HP Mini model 110-3518cl. After plugging in the computer, switch on the power which is on the right side of the computer, hold down or press the ESC key.
You should see the starup Menu
F1 System information
F2 System Diagnostics
F9 Boot Device Options
F10 BIOS Setup
F11 System Recovery

Once you press F11 you should see the Recovery Manager. There you will be given three choices.

The first box gives you the option to choose:
Microsoft System Restore
System Recovery
Minimized image Recovery

2nd box allows you to run a computer checkup

3rd box is for if you wish to back up your files

If you wish to continue click on System Recovery

The next page gives you the option to back any files before restoring the computer. If you wish not to back up your files, click where it says“Recover without backing up your files.”

After making your selected choice, then click NEXT. A warning will prompt you to make sure to disconnect any devices except for the power and the mouse. Click OK.

You will see Welcome to Recovery Manager, click NEXT to begin.

The computer will start the process of restoring the computer to Factory settings. This may take a while, so you might want to go and do something else. This should take around 20 minutes.

After recovery is complete click FINISH. Install any software to protect your computer, I have provided some links to help you with this process.



Below is a link for Free AVG- Antivirus


Below is a link for Free ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus


Below is a link for Free Avast Anti-virus


Malware Bytes prevents and searches types of Malware that you may have inadvertently loaded inside your computer. If your computer is acting weird, run a scan of Malware Bytes. Below I have provided a link for a Free Malware bytes.



Have a new computer, Make sure to do this!

You have brought that new computer home. Now after you have unpacked it, and began setting it up for use. your ready to take it for a spin on the internet highway. But wait, hold on  there. So much of us never think about the security of our computer. Then when things go array, we want to blame the computer.


Recovery media, is called this for a reason, should the hard drive ever fail, you will still have a copy of the operating system.

Windows 8 offers you several ways, depending on the manufacture.

Each computer system is different, some allow you to make what are known as recovery discs. These  consist of transferring your operating system(OS) onto three DVDs.


To set up transfer of the OS(Operating System)  bring up the charm bar.


charm bar


In the search field type “Control Panel” from here click on “recovery” to get started.


We are going to be using a 16GB Thumb Drive to create our recovery Media

See title

See title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











After you click on Recovery there are three options before you. We are going to choose for this operation “Create a Recovery Drive”  After you make your choice, Click the bottom tab marked “Next” then insert the thumb drive and the partition will be transferred to the USB Drive.


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The link below will give you  some other options to choose from also.



The next step is to protect your investment by protecting it with software. The Internet is just full of programs that want you to believe they can make your computer run faster. That is not the case. Only more memory or a faster Processor.

One of the first programs that you want to install is a good Anti-Virus,  if you are a Home User, there is free Anti-virus for you to use.

I have provided you some choices.

Some of these are AVG, ZoneAlarm, and Avast.


To get to the   AVG  Website click on the link below:


AVG AntiVirus Free




To download Avast’s Free Anti-Virus click on the link below


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After downloading you will prompted to get a license from Avast. This only takes a few minutes.

ZoneAlarm comes with  Firewall and Anti-virus.

Click on the  link below for their website:



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The next thing we want to look at is FoxitReader. This is a PDF(portable document format) that you can use in place of Adobe Reader.  FoxitReader has been in the business for along time. The link below will get you to their website.



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Stay away from PC cleaner, Optimizer pro the  list  goes on and on.  There is so much garbage out there you have to be extra careful, so if you find something make sure you check what type of problems previous users have had with that program.

Looking for a Registry Cleaner then look no further then Ccleaner.



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Below is a link to their website.




Next would be to find  a  Anti-Malware program.

The best in the business for getting rid of Malware is MalwareBytes.


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To keep your computer from bots, there is a program put out by Safer-Networking.org  Spybot: Search and Destroy.


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Below is a link to their Website




Let’s not forget to use Mozilla Firefox as our browser




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Using these items will keep your computer safe and secure.


Putting God First


God Bless


Putting God First



Password reset disk

What you do when you have forgotten your password and you end up locked out of your computer? This is a dilemma  nobody wants.  So, now what do you do? Well, if your me, you create what is known as a password reset disk. I know you can  just reinstall the operating system but, what fun is that. You have to reload all the programs and files that you have.

If you wish to know how to do this  you can click on the link below for Windows XP:


For Windows Vista: click on this link:


For Windows 7 click on this link:



If you are using Windows XP and you want to reset your password I have provided a link below:



So what is your next step?


Begin at the start menu,start button then inside the search field, type in User Accounts

search field User Account


 User accounts> under “Tasks” on the left side of the pane  click “Create  password reset disk”


create a password reset disk


Make sure you have removable media which means popping  a thumb drive into one of the USB ports.

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanD...

English: A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanDisk Cruzer Micro, 4GB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)










After inserting a thumb drive,  click “NEXT”

welcome to forgotten password wizard








Here: choose where you have your  thumb drive inserted and click “NEXT”

creating password on the following drive

Here: type in your current password.

current user account password


completing forgotten password wizard

The Next step is to place this thumb drive where you can get to it, should you ever need it.

To make a Password Reset Disk For windows 8.1 You will need to set up a local account .

Bring up the Charm Bar


charm bar

Type in the search field  User accounts> on the left side  below “Tasks”  on the link click  “Create  password reset disk”  Insert a thumb drive into one of the USB Ports. Then go thru the prompt clicking “NEXT”,  choose where you have your thumb drive inserted click “NEXT”. Then type in your current password, click” Finish” and now place this device where you can find it.

Have a great day.

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Putting God First.

God Bless


Installing Memory

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Today we are going to be talking about installing memory. To find out what kind of memory we have we want to head on over to crucial.com .  Once at the website your want to click on the memory ram tab, when it opens up go down and to the right where you will see Compatibility tools, move down and click where it says system scanner.  A box will open click the box to agree to terms and conditions.

Click the Crucial downloading Tool above. Click run. Scan in progress will appear, than it will show how many slots you have on the computer, how much memory is installed, what type of memory and what it recommends.

To add memory, we first want to make sure were wearing the “electric static discharge strap”.(it goes around your wrist and it will have an alligator clip attached with a cord. This will be after you unplug the computer.

Now when you install memory you want to have two of the same, make sure you don’t mix the memory use 2 sticks of 256 or 512 you don’t want to use 1 gigabyte and one stick of 512 everything has to be equal.

Carefully slide the memory sticks into the slots, there are notches on either side, when you push down the plastic clips will lock into place After your done, disconnect the “electric static discharge strap,” . Make sure the memory sticks are in the groove before you place the cover back on and then plug-in the computer. When you start the computer up,you should see on the display what memory was added.