I can’t get my cd to play, is there something I can do?

Let’s say we have some music or  videos  and the disc is not playing. Today we are going to be using Windows Vista, and what were are going to be doing is taking files that are not working and placing them on a new compact disc. To get started, go the start button. You will notice that off to the right is a set of tabs, click on computer and a window will pop open. computer WorkGroup

computer kim









Left click-open

Locate the  Cd-ROM, Right click, on disc, then Left click  this will open the files on the disc.

(Remember, each mouse has two parts, a left side and a right side. so if you are right clicking, use the right side.)

(Below is what pictures of files on computer)

tracks on disc

(Setting up a Folder)

On setting up a folder, Go to the desktop, right-click, and a menu will open up   move down to where you see NEW, then click on FOLDER













(Drag and Drop)

After naming  the folder,

Set  both folders, next to each other (The blank folder and the computer folder)

The next step is to highlight those songs or videos you wish to copy.  While holding down the shift key, hold down the  arrow key that points down. This function  will high-light your files.  You can either Right or Left-click then Drag contents to the empty folder.

dragging music to new folder

Now, you have the option to play your music from the desktop .

To do this Right click on the folder, when the menu opens up, it will ask if you wish to open the file, choose either open or Play whichever player is set as the default.. “Play with VLC media player. Once you click on this the player should take over.

Open menu for folder










The next step is to transfer the files to a compact disc,. The way to carry out this is to open Computer Window,  Left click on the file FOLDER on the desktop  and drag it over to the device labeled  DVD RW Drive and release. You will be prompted to insert a BLANK disc, after the computer has  set up the disc for formatting, your files will be transferred and you’ll be on your way, to listening to favorite music.

Remember, Focus on Jesus, not your problem

Putting God First

God Bless


why is my internet not working

Has this ever happened to you? You come home from  a hard days work, toss your stuff on the kitchen table and just want to relax. Pick up the remote, hit the power button to switch on the new High-Definition Television

you just purchased a couple of weeks back. You click on the Netflix icon, the screen gets bright red and it just sits there and nothing happens.

So, you scratch your head wondering what is going on. You go to the den, check that the internet is working. The first thing that many people fail to realize anything blocking the router's Antennae will prevent your WiFi connection from traveling throughout the house.


Belkin Wire-less Router

Belkin Wire-less Router

The first thing is to make sure everything is connected properly sometimes there could be issues with the RJ-45 Cord, check to make sure that the power plug has not been tampered with.  After this is done and you are positive that the antennae is not blocked. The next thing to do, is look on the back of the router.  You should  see a small button(reset Button) next to the power input on the device. If you take a paper-clip and press in on the reset button . Let the router recycle, and you should be back in no time watching your favorite movie or show.  Hope this helps. Now, should this not work, you might have to press in on the reset button on the Modem. Til Next time…

Putting God First.

God Bless.