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English: Microsoft Windows 3.1 with black screen of death in VMware Virtual machine Deutsch: Black Screen of Death auf einem Microsoft Windows 3.1 in einer virtuellen Maschine mit VMware Español: Una Black Screen of Death en windows, cuando una aplciacion DOS no responde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

today, we will be working on a hp probook 4520s laptop computer with windows 7,.

when a friend dropped off his computer, he said all that he was getting was a black screen, after doing some searches found some ways to fix this issue. So, when he clicked on the account, the screen would go black showing only the mouse cursor. First thing to do is restart the computer, and go to SafeMode.

To do this power down the computer, then power up the computer holding  down the F8 key. This key is along the top of the keys. When you do this you will see a black screen, with text, what the computer is doing is loading  certain drivers, at the top you will see the words “SafeMode” move down to where you see the words” Last good configuration (Advanced).

This should work you might have to do this a couple of times.

The next step is to Load Malware Bytes, I will provide a link below:

After this is done, your computer should be working normally, hope this helps.

God gets the Glory.

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Keeping Your Laptop Cool


Keeping your fan clean is essential in keeping your investment working and not overheating. The temperature in a laptop, is exceedingly hot, and if the fan is clogged the computers inability to keep cool is hindered and eventually this heat will cause the computer to over-heat and cause your laptop to shut-down permanently. So you want to keep it well ventilated and free from dust particles.

There are things that you can do, by picking up a laptop stand to help in ventilating the computer. This is a metal stand that you can raise or lower that is well ventilated.

A simple can of air, that you can find at your local Wal-Mart in the electronic department will prevent your fan from getting clogged, and allowing the computer fan to do its job. When using the can of air, find  your fan or fans , and blow these out, they are usually in the bottom of the laptop. You will see that the computer has vents to keep it cool, use the air to spray these areas. Purchasing a small fan to put behind the laptop is also something that is beneficial in keeping your computer to run for years instead of days or months.

There are also programs that  help in monitoring  these areas. Such as  Speccy put out by Piriform, the same ones that bring you CCleaner

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