spybot: Search and Destroy

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SPYBOT SEARCH AND DESTROY is a free program used to get rid of spyware on your computer.

After you download Spybot search and destroy from  http://www.safer-networking.org. Once you are at the website, click on “Home Users” then “Spybot Free. Move down to Home users, click on the red marker: “Spybot Free Edition.” If your using Windows SP or Windows Vista click the link where it says to Please download Spybot 2.4 from here. If you are using another Windows version click on one of the  Mirrors below:


Click the link below to install for Windows 7 or later:

 Download Spybot Search and Destroy Windows Installer (for 7,8,10) – 66.67 MB | version: 2.7.64 |

Once loaded you should see the program at the bottom of the screen depending which browser you are using at the time.

Running Program

You will   go through some steps: Run, Yes and an option to choose your language. The next page asks on how you wish to use the program and if you wish to donate. click next on how you wish to proceed and usage. Click the button to agree to the license agreement. click the Install button to begin.

Spybot Set-up

Then click Finish.


After Updating click on where the Associated Task, this will drop down choose Immunization, you will have to shut off  Internet Explorer, to do this go to search, type in Task Manager, click on Internet Explorer, then end task you might have to do do this a couple times.

Last Update

A help window will open up, click yes,



The next step is too shut off Internet Explorer , uninstall Avg or Zone Alarm before immunize otherwise this will interfere with Spy bot, then reinstall Avg or Zone Alarm Anti-Virus.

system Scan

It is recommended to disable tracking cookies. do this by clicking disable these cookies, and then clicking each profile after the window opens, then click OK.

Next click Start SCAN, after the scan is finished at the bottom right hand corner click fix selected, after the program is finished it can be closed.