Is there an alternative to Microsoft Office?

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007

Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

Awhile, back  I was looking for a computer. I looked over the new laptops inside of Best buy. The sales rep was going over with a customer who was purchasing a new Laptop for school and recommended in them purchasing   Microsoft Office. The cost alone would set you back thousands adding to the price of the computer.

There are  programs out there that are free and work just like the ones, that you could pay hundred of dollars for. These are an alternative to Microsoft Office.

These programs allow you to work in a Word document, spreadsheet, do presentations, Databases, drawing and it’s all free. And if you’re used  to Microsoft it has the same sweeping layout. If you have a Microsoft documents you can in cooperate them into these programs. Buying a new computer, need a word processor but, don’t have the extra money to pick up Microsoft Office,  These programs will fit the bill. You don’t have to buy separate word programs, all  for free. Listed below are two such programs.

Open Office

King soft


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