Free Malware Bytes

MALWARE BYTES: is free, used to remove malware. Malware is sometimes hard to get rid of, however this program will do it’s best to rid your system of these type of problems.

malware bytes (2)

Disclaimer: Before you download any program make sure it is compatible to your operating system

You can find the free download using the link below:

However, at the moment Malwarebytes only offers a 14 day free Trial

For Mac, click on the link below

After you have downloaded and set it up you can start using malware-bytes  it will ask if you would like to update, go ahead and do this before running it.

You  can run Malwarebytes in  regular mode but in safe-mode it will work a lot better. To  get into safe-mode, restart the computer, hold down the F8 key you can do this on some computers, however if this doesn’t work  just hit the F-8 key repeatedly. until the screen turns black. You will see a line of text, (these are drivers: little programs that run your mouse, keyboard etc..) you have several choices before you, I normally use Safemode with Networking, this way you always have the ability to update MalwareBytes. Make sure to use the Administrator account once in Safe-mode.

To get into Safemode For Windows 8, go to

Click on malware-bytes, once the window opens up, you will have three options under the scan tab: Threat, Custom and Hyper. Under Custom you will have the option of choosing which folders or threats you would like for it to find.

when it is finished you should see a small banner

scan complete (3)

When this banner pops up at the bottom will be the words” click here to view details.”


potential threats detected (2)


And the above window will appear, click on the tab “Apply Actions”


finished cleaning items (2)

Here you have the option of viewing the log, listing what was found on your computer. To get back to the main window, click on the tab”Main Menu” at the bottom.

Now, your computer should be safe until the next time, you inadvertently download Malware.

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