Windows 8.1 consumers: It’s time to move to Update 1 | ZDNet

Windows 8.1 consumers: It’s time to move to Update 1 | ZDNet.

Facebook messenger is it the real deal


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Facebook is a social network application, that we use on our computers, smart phones and other devices to keep in touch. We can  post photo’s, check to see how our friends are doing and even play games, such as Farmsville2. There is a lot to do with Facebook. It keeps us in the loop with our families and friends.

Today, we start by looking at  Facebook messenger. The one we will be looking at is at

Whenever you download a program, make sure to use a limited account.

Below is a link on why choosing a limited or Administrator account is best

Sometimes, we are searching the web and we see something like Facebook Messenger and we don’t notice that it is not from Facebook, then the computer starts acting wacky and we can’t seem to figure out why. If you move your mouse across the screen, and it doesn’t actually stay in one place moves a little chances are you probably have Malware or a Virus.

  Malware Bytes is one of the programs that I use. This program is quite enough for getting rid of malware.   After downloading be sure that you click on the update tab. The link below will help on how to best run the program.

click on the link below to download  Malware Bytes : 

When you get to the website at , at the bottom is a disclaimer that this site is not endorsed, operated or endorsed by Facebook Once downloaded, there are several things that come up, if you use the custom install you can get rid of most of these pesky issues by clicking decline, However, Malware Bytes will still find about 6-8 malware infections,

Upon testing the application, if you just install without using the custom installation, you are going to have around 542 Malware infections  on your computer.

Should you accidentally download this program, make sure to download Spybot: Search and Destroy, along with ZoneAlarm firewall. As of this writing   however ZoneAlarm does work on Windows 8, just not the upgrade to 8.1

below is a link for Spybot: Search and Destroy

ZoneAlarm Firewall and Anti-virus.

To prevent Facebook Messenger from loading after you download the Zonealarm free firewall, Click on the firewall, this will take to Application Control, find Facebook Messenger, left click, you will have options, click Kill, a warning will pop-up, click OK, and do this for each Facebook entry, you also want to remove the program by going to Programs and Features, find Facebook Messenger and click Uninstall.

Which brings us to the conclusion that  downloading Messenger from the official Facebook Website is the only safe place.

Be Safe and God Bless

Windows 8.1 will include boot to desktop option to bypass Metro interface | The Verge


Windows 8.1 will include boot to desktop option to bypass Metro interface | The Verge.