HP C7180(Paper Jam Error)

You have toiled long and hard. Maybe, your that student working on that homework or you are working on a project for college, or your boss has you working on that special project. Whatever, it is you press in on the power button on your HP printer

Nothing, happens. The little screen tells you have a paper-jam. No, big deal, you pull out the paper, try re-inserting after looking inside and noticing everything is fine. No stuck paper. So, what gives? You than remove the “Rear Access Cover” and glance inside. Still there is nothing stuck. So, what do you do in this situation? Well apparently, this is fixable. First thing head on over to the HP.com website. Once there type in the model number or brand type. Our’s is a HP printer C7180 All-in-one. According to the instructions from the website: First you want to load paper in the feed tray. Next you want to press in on the “Set-up” button. it is located below the “OK”

button. It has a small wrench. Press in on this, then push in on the arrow key pointing downward, “Print Report” then click “OK” After this is done, move the down arrow key and stop at “Self-Test Report”, click “OK” if everything works out like on our printer you should see a color pattern on your printer.010Source: HP.COM

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Printing Poor Quality, try this!


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Printers can bring you a lot of joy, you can print so many things, including greeting cards, things you find on the internet, however when things go bad, it may be hard to figure out what the problem could be. Let’s say your printer isn’t working, you can’t get it to print. First you try the disk but, for whatever reason, you get nothing. The next step is get on the internet, go to the website that is the printer’s manufacturer.

Be it Acer, Gateway, E-machine, Dell, HP, or Apple. You should also be able to  find the manual should you need one at the same place. So, once you get to the website, say HP, you will be asked the model of the printer, after you type this in, you have the choice of 32 or 64 bit, how do you know which one you have? Below is link of an article I wrote on this subject.


Once you have determined if it is 32 or 64, click Next, this will give you the download for the driver, if you want the manual, if you look to the top where you see “User Guide“and this will take to the right page. Now, let’s say your printing however, the print is sporadic, it prints the first two lines, however, the third line is missing. Windows 8 users will need to go to the search bar, and type in device and printers or move mouse to the bottom left corner, right-click on control panel and then go to devices and printers.

For apple users click the link below:


The next step is to go to the control panel, devices and printers, Locate your printer, right-click on printer icon, move down where you see printing Preferences, here you have the option to choose either portrait or Landscape. Click on tab “paper Quality”,  move down where you see media, click tab, to either “plain paper fast draft quality or plain paper best quality.”   click apply and OK. This should fix any print from missing from the text on the paper.   If this doesn’t work you may have to replace your ink cartridge.

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