lost windows games on 7

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Awhile back I ordered a refurbished Dell Optiplex 390, after turning it on, I got to thinking about the games that usually come with the computer, mine was windows 7. I distinctively remember playing chess on that operating system, however, I was unable to find it anywhere. After doing some searching I was able to find the answer to my question and decided to share it with my readers who may have ended up with the same dilemma. 


 After locating the Start button, you want to click on the control panel, go to program and features. On the left side of the windows pane you should see turn on windows features on and off. Click on this,

Once the menu opens up you want to look for GAMES.

Click box next to GAMES,  

then click OK


Once this box from above disappears you will be able to play your games.

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America to Hand Off Internet Domain Name Control : snopes.com

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Windows 7 showing black screen with Cursor


English: Microsoft Windows 3.1 with black scre...

English: Microsoft Windows 3.1 with black screen of death in VMware Virtual machine Deutsch: Black Screen of Death auf einem Microsoft Windows 3.1 in einer virtuellen Maschine mit VMware Español: Una Black Screen of Death en windows, cuando una aplciacion DOS no responde (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

today, we will be working on a hp probook 4520s laptop computer with windows 7,.

when a friend dropped off his computer, he said all that he was getting was a black screen, after doing some searches found some ways to fix this issue. So, when he clicked on the account, the screen would go black showing only the mouse cursor. First thing to do is restart the computer, and go to SafeMode.

To do this power down the computer, then power up the computer holding  down the F8 key. This key is along the top of the keys. When you do this you will see a black screen, with text, what the computer is doing is loading  certain drivers, at the top you will see the words “SafeMode” move down to where you see the words” Last good configuration (Advanced).

This should work you might have to do this a couple of times.

The next step is to Load Malware Bytes, I will provide a link below:

After this is done, your computer should be working normally, hope this helps.


God gets the Glory.

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I Use CCleaner, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, And Bitdefender Antivirus Free To Keep My PC Safe (and Clean)

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How to remove the Pokki virus – Removal instructions (Uninstall Guide) | Tech & Internet Security | News & Guides

This little item was found on a computer that I was working on, sounds pretty nasty. Hope this helps anyone out there, that may have wondered why their computer was acting wacky. To find out go to start, or search Control Panel and then check out programs and features and you should be able to decide if you have it then click on it, uninstall and then restart the computer as usual.

Instructions to remove the Pokki virus and uninstall Pokki and Pokki Download Helper malware. The Pokki virus is spyware and adware that causes many problems. Pokki may replace Windows task bar and start menu. Remove Pokki using our free removal steps.

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Windows 10

Windows 10 uses the Internet a lot to support many of its features. The operating system also sports numerous knobs to twiddle that are supposed to disable most of these features and the potentially privacy-compromising connections that go with them. Click link below to read more.