why is my internet not working

Has this ever happened to you? You come home from  a hard days work, toss your stuff on the kitchen table and just want to relax. Pick up the remote, hit the power button to switch on the new High-Definition Television

you just purchased a couple of weeks back. You click on the Netflix icon, the screen gets bright red and it just sits there and nothing happens.

So, you scratch your head wondering what is going on. You go to the den, check that the internet is working. The first thing that many people fail to realize anything blocking the router's Antennae will prevent your WiFi connection from traveling throughout the house.


Belkin Wire-less Router

Belkin Wire-less Router

The first thing is to make sure everything is connected properly sometimes there could be issues with the RJ-45 Cord, check to make sure that the power plug has not been tampered with.  After this is done and you are positive that the antennae is not blocked. The next thing to do, is look on the back of the router.  You should  see a small button(reset Button) next to the power input on the device. If you take a paper-clip and press in on the reset button . Let the router recycle, and you should be back in no time watching your favorite movie or show.  Hope this helps. Now, should this not work, you might have to press in on the reset button on the Modem. Til Next time…

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Internet Explorer vulnerability lets hackers track your mouse movements (Wired UK)

There are some vulnerabilities in the Internet Explorer starting with edition six, there are other browsers that you might want to use until this has been fixed. Head on over to www. cnet.com  and look for either Mozilla Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Internet Explorer vulnerability lets hackers track your mouse movements (Wired UK).

How do I change my IP address?

Use this link if you need to change your ip address. Let’s say someone has been able to control your computer.  There is a virus out there that displays an FBI warning, don’t worry it’s not from the FBI, they just claim that it is, changing IP address just  might be the cure.

How do I change my IP address?.

Changing your home page

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Here’s a quick fix. If you have found a certain website you like and want to make it your homepage, Here’s how using internet explorer. Head on over to that particular website. On your browser. Click on the tools tab a scroll will drop down, go to the bottom > click on internet options> a box will open up, you will see a little house next to the word homepage, there will be a box, with your regular page, http:// click on button labeled use current, > go to the bottom and click apply > OK . And your set.