Using VirtualBox

I have heard about Virtual Ware, and really didn’t know much about it until I ran across  VirtualBox. I decided to write a blog on it use. This provides a safe and secure environment and could be fun!

So, lets get started. I have provided a link below.

Welcome to Virtualbox

We will be using the  Windows, platform. Once downloaded, click New.

VirtualBox Manager

Upon naming your system choose which operating system you are going to be setting up. The program will automatically, select the required memory for that particular OS (operating System)and you have the option to choose to increase the memory size if you wish.

memory size Virtual Machine

Next is setting up the type of drive, if you are a standard user you don’t need to do anything. Below is link to the VirtualBox Manual which goes into detail of the different types of drives

VDI (VirtualBox disk Image)

Next is setting up the size of the hard drive, you have the option of setting up a particular size or having it expand as it is being used.

storage on physical drive

Next Place the operating system disc, inside the Cd-ROM, then click the start button as shown in the pane below.

Start Button (2)

Windows will start to load just like your regular computer, so if you’re using windows XP,  I have provided a link below on how to install XP.

Good Luck. Until Next time.

Putting God First

God Bless


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