Try this if your CD is not working.

Last week, I popped in a cd on the book of Daniel by Chuck Missler. For whatever, reason the CD-ROM wasn’t working. I figured i would have to pick up another CD Rom, so I went around looking for ones on I was told that they were pretty inexpensive. Boy,  sure glad waited.  I decided not to buy. God must have had a reason for me to wait. It turns out that had something that worked perfectly. A Fix. I will provide a link this is for Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7 and windows 8.1.

click the “Run now” button

Fix it

after downloading the file, click run


After accepting to the agreement, the program will run a diagnostic

installing Microsoft Fix it

This next step is either have Microsoft do this for you or for you to pick, if your like me you probably just want to get it over  with in that case click Recommend.

applying the fixes (Recommended)

Detecting problems

Next you can either select your device if it’s listed, otherwise select not listed.

selecting cd drive

Then you will be asked if your trying to read or write to that particular drive

Trying to read or write to device

Once it finishes your CD ROM should be working normally.

Thank you Jesus

Putting God First


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