Windows media player (ripping)

Today, we are going to be talking about the Windows Media Player:   I have a friend who ran into a problem in getting his CD‘s to rip inside Windows 7 and so I figured if he had the problem maybe there might be others.

Windows Media Player

When you first open Windows Media Player, you have two options  Express or Custom.  Choosing Custom allows the user to decide what is important. Now, if you’re in a hurry and just want to delve into the Windows media player the user can choose Express.

At the next window  the user can select what privacy options they prefer.

selecting privacy options


Display media information from the internet and Update music files by retrieving media information from the internet will help the user to download album art and titles of those songs.

usage rights, which has Windows media player to acquire digital rights if you are trying to use a protected file. This protects the artist of the music  Under the Privacy tab is how Microsoft handles your personal information and goes into detail on Usage Rights.

Under Enhanced content is sending unique player ID, what this means, is that when streaming Media content, this identifies your specific computer to the server. Which also gathers statistics and may help improve quality.

cookies tab, Gives the user the option to modify the use of cookies. Cookies: allow the user to enter their favorite website without having to re-enter the password.

Windows Media Player customer experience improvement program is designed to send information to Microsoft, which covers the type of Hardware you use and how to improve the software.

History is your most recently played music files.

Next you are given the option to place an icon on the task-bar and on the desktop. On default you can set this to play all your music.

By selecting choose file types, this will bring up a list of type of files that you can listen to on the media player.

Click select All.set associations

Click Media Files and Finish.

Once you have windows media player running, Press Alt on the keyboard, and this will bring up the main menu.


Click on Tools, Options and this menu will appear


Upon clicking Rip Music go down where you see Windows media Audio then depending on your preference click the proper box, click Apply and OK.

rip music

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