custom or Quick: Avoiding problems

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Today, we will be talking about how to prevent problems in the future, by doing something simple, it may take a few minutes but, in the long run, it will be well worth it. I run across several computers and they all run into the same problem, be it something they were in a hurry to do, or they didn’t know that there is an alternative, or just didn’t notice. Like for instance do we notice that when you are about to download Adobe, that it includes a free virus Scan from McAfee.

Enhanced by ZemantaThere are many programs out there it is sometimes hard to keep track of them, some them even include toolbars, so where am I going with this? Once a person download a new program, the immediately want to run it sometimes overlooking the obvious, if you do the quick install you will not notice it until your computer starts to act strange. Then there are those that include a toolbar and all of sudden your browser is offering something, that you really didn’t want. By downloading something simple as “SpeedFan” we find we could end up with such programs as Conduit Search, Optimizer Pro, so in order to avoid having these programs installed on our computer, we clicked on decline, now if we didn’t notice that there was a decline button, and just pressed next, we would have these two programs, to not install Optimizer pro, you still have to UN-check the box, then click “Decline”I hope this gave you some insight into what can happen, and if we go slowly and just don’t click with out reading each item, we will solve a lot of problems and headaches in the long run. If you do get into a mess if you download from my blog Malwarebytes, this should take care of all of your problems.
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