A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how to keep your computer cool, by keeping the fan free of dust, that includes all the ports on your laptop especially. I figured it would be a good time to look into a product called “SpeedFan” This monitors your fans, allows you to make adjustments in control of the fans, it also gives a reading on how the temps are on your CPU, and the ability to check the health of your hard drive.

Instead of downloading from speed fan.com use the link below. It is much faster and easierspeedfan 1

After downloading, make sure you decline the extra products you don’t want installed on your computer. Take it slow as go through each one.

You have several settings to choose from.

Disclaimer: the feature Clock(is used for over-clocking the processor) Before you try to over-clock the processor, make sure you know what you are doing or you will fry the processor, thus destroying your computer.  Info, Exotics, and Chart are the other features in the program

Some or most will have  SMART (Self-monitoring analysis  reporting technology)used to monitor  to let  know when their  hard drive might be failing, so, you can prepare for it by placing your files on discs, such as DVDs or CD‘s.

To enable this you need to go into the BIOS;(Basic Input Output System) In order to get here restart your computer. On the Splash screen look for   the F  key to reach setup. Once you have arrived at  the BIOS. Look under the main tab, we are using a Phoenix Bios. So, if you’re using a different Bios. You are looking   for Hdd Smart. We want to enable it, and than press f-10  to save.

Now, open Speed Fan, click on SMART, on the drop down tab, select your hard drive, and click short test or Extended test tab to see how healthy your hard drive is.

Under the Exotics tab, is where you can monitor your fans, hard drive and CPU temps. Just click on the tab “show the Magic

Under the Charts tab, you are able to see how each part is doing from hard drives, to fan speeds, to Temps.

The reading for the temps is Celsius, if you would like  Fahrenheit for your settings,  click configure, under the tab Minimize, than  Options, click the radio button from Celsius to Fahrenheit ,  then OK.  By pressing F-1, you will able to use the help feature. You can make adjustments to the speed of the fan, or just leave the settings where they are.  Your choice.

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