So, what is the cloud?


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Today, we are going to be talking about what the Cloud is and what companies  offer free storage. We will only cover a few.

First off, we find that there are different ways to store our stuff, maybe, a bigger hard drive, using DVDS or CD‘s. If you have an email account, have Facebook, storing pictures on say, Flickr, than you are probably using some type of Cloud storage So, where is the cloud anyway. Well it is found on the internet stored on servers.

It is my understanding that Some of these servers are  Virtual machines. This is software that uses components of your computer. The same principle is used for those that use a Virtual Machine on their computer, it is the safe way, to run programs without damaging your computer, like when Beta testing different programs. There is a program known as Sand-boxing, my understanding it  enables the user to test a program, without harming the computer.

When looking for Storage You have several choice’s , however we are only going to cover four of them. These are Onedrive(formerly Skydrive from Microsoft), Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud (for Apple Users)Most do offer free limited storage, however, Google, seems to give you the most, around 15GB of Free storage.

Cloud Storage                                      Free

Drop box                                              2GB

one drive(formally Skydrive)                7GB

Google Drive                                       15GB

i Cloud                                                  5GB

I hope this helps those of you who maybe interested in loading your files in a Cloud Storage Service.

the link below goes into detail what each of the main storage companies offer:

This article goes into Google slashing their prices leaving the competition behind.


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