is it a power strip or surge protector?

An extension lead/multiplug.

An extension lead/multiplug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all like our computers and try to    keep them clean by wiping down the  display, cleaning our keyboard,  spraying out the fans and vents.

We may fail to  have an anti-virus on our computer’s, or download an application that has some hidden malware, but we should never neglect using a Surge Protector. These can be found  at most stores, such as Wal-Mart, Target or Radio Shack.

Now, not all are surge protector’s, some are just plain power stripes that do nothing except allow you to plug-in several   electronic devices. If you want protection, pick up a good surge protector.

So, what is the difference between a power strip and a surge protector, they may look similar, both will have several outlets, and a power button. This is when they stop being the same.

Surge Protectors will have what is a UL rating, which stands for Underwriters Laboratories. You won’t find a rating on a power strip. Then there is Joules(named after James Prescott Joule) this is a rating of energy one joule equals to one unit of energy. Start at least 1500 Joules when looking for a surge protector.

Now, don’t misunderstand,  a surge protector will not protect your equipment from a Lightening storm, but, it will protect your investment from power surges. Look for  a ground, or protected indicator light of some type,  this is very is very important.

Make it  a good practice to unplug  your equipment from the main outlet during a lightning storm.

God Bless Putting God First

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