What is a hard drive anyway?

 SATA  and ATA/IDE Hard Drive Today, we are going to be talking about the hard drive.   What is a hard drive, you  ask. Well,  It is basically a device that stores all your files, including the Operating system, music, pictures, games, and so forth.  Sometimes files get corrupted, and this can create problems for the hard drive. To be safe  a disk check,once a month will help, along with  a disk fragmentation, and disk cleanup.  Do not do a disk check but, once a month, this is very hard on the drive.

As an  extra precaution, Make sure to  transfer all your files on Compact Discs, or DVDs.  That way, should the hard drive die you will be ready. To help keep the hard drive from getting over-cluttered, you can you Ccleaner put out by Piriform. They also offer a  disk Defragmenter called  Defraggler. for disk recovery, they offer Recuva. All these programs are free.

Should you ever start to hear your hard drive making a scratchy noise, this will be the first sign that there is a problem. It may take time before it finally gives out. Hard drive’s are quite inexpensive. Usually run about 50-70 dollars at Bestbuy .

So, to find out what the computer looks inside and find out what that hard drive looks like. Let’s open up the computer. First thing, unplug the computer from the wall-socket.  After you have disconnected the mouse, Keyboard, Display and any USB devices, lay the computer down on a work table, attach the Electrostatic discharge band to your wrist. Grounding the alligator clip to a piece of metal on the computer.

To tell you about the Electrostatic discharge band click here:  https://infotechcomputing.wordpress.com/2012/08/28/warning-use-this-before-working-on-a-computer/

Once you have slid off the cover, you’re going to see many parts. How do you figure out where the hard drive is located? Well the hard drive is thinner, than say an optical drive. On the front of the optical drive you will see the button that slides open the tray, when you want to listen to your favorite  music on a Compact Disc, or CD which is what everybody calls it. Same thing if you want to watch a Movie, DVD, Blue-Ray.  SATA Hard Drive (2)

The Hard drive even though it is enclosed, it  will look different.  It may be inside   what is called a Bay, or it could be by itself such as a SATA Hard Drive. If it is a SATA the wires will be color coded,  IDE(Integrated Drive Electronics) will have a wide 40 pin Ribbon, known as a IDE Interface Cable.

Now, if you are using two  IDE/ATA hard-drives, there is a small plastic connector, that you have to remove from one place to another, on the back of the device. this is known as a Jumper. either case, there are four settings:  single, Dual Master, Dual Slave,  or  cable Select.

Remember this is only if you are using two hard drives. If you are only using the one, set the jumper to Master Setting.

On a SATA device, the computer has what is called auto-detection, which does the setting for you.

This link gives an in-depth illustration on the history of the hard drive


This is a link on   how to make adjustments using jumpers on an IDE hard drive.



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