Data recovery how is it done?

IMG_0303 (2)

Have you ever had your hard drive die and you need to get your pictures or music. What do you do now? I know there are programs out there that allow you to do this, but, let say what if there was another way, where you could do it yourself. Well, there is a device put out by Sabrent,and other companies, however the one from “Sabrent” also have a light indicator and gives you different connections.  It is called a USb 2.0 to Sata/Ide Hard Drive Adapter. I found this device from a YouTube video by accident. I picked up the device from the Website for about 35.00. Lets see how it worksIMG_0312 (2)

I will be transferring the data from an   Iomega IDHD 320-U External Hard Drive to a Compaq Presario cq5320y on a 64 bit motherboard that is running Windows 7

Now, taking the Iomega External hard drive, remove the two screws from the rear ,  the housing should  slide right off.

You will need to  disconnect the  power and 40 pin connector from the hard drive. Make sure you are using the ESD Strap. To prevent damaging the hard drive.
Next connect the  Sabrent hard drive adapter. this will be the  Square plastic  connector, this will plug in to back of the Hard drive depending if you are using a IDE or SATA. the SATA connection is at the top, IDE will be on the left, the other one is used to connect a laptop hard drive.  a USB   will plug into the computer, the other end will plug into the back of the IDE hard drive. Should you be using the Sata connection you will need to use Sata colored wire.

You will find that there is a power cord, like on the back of your computer. which will  connect to the Power Adapter. On the end of the power Adapter, is a power plug that goes into the back of the hard drive.

Now, that you have connected the SATA,  or IDE connection,  go to the computer.

Click on computer tab  to see if your connected devices appears with your list of hard drives.

Once the Hard Drive has been identified,  double Click on it .  You Should  see  the files of the folder.making a new folder

Now, you need to make a new folder. To do this, go to the desktop, Right-Click, go down to New and click on Folder.  Open up the folder and  Drag one of the folders to the new folder then it  should start to copy the new files.

When that is done drag the next folder until  you have completed transferring all the files or what will fit on your hard drive. God Bless


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