The Ringtone dilemma for iPhone 5

iTunesadd file to Library

Well today, I decided to load a ringtone, that I used on my iPhone 4S. Now that I have the iPhone 5. You would think something like this would be easy. Well somethings never are.

I downloaded Myxer from the app store.  Then bring up iTunes. Then go ahead and plug-in your iPhone. Not, a problem. Now, look for the iTunes Store tab, next to it is the iPhone tab, click on this.  The next step is to  click on the Apps tab. Scroll down to the bottom, Under Apps I find the Myxer ringtone program,  click on this, and then to the right is your ringtone.

There were two things you have to do next, I watched a YouTube video, provided by Myxer. What they tell you to do only works for part of this issue. You have to drag the ringtone off the desktop, no problem, however trying to get the Window to restore down, was a problem with my display. So, I had to click on the top of the Window pane, and drag it so I could see the desktop. However the video claims that all you have to do is drag it from the desktop back to the Library and for whatever reason, this didn’t work. It was dated 2012 and hasn’t been updated.

So, I found the solution on a forum at

First you want to get to the iTunes main page, click File, and move down to where you see Add File to Library. Click on this, a window will open, then drag the ringtone from the desktop to the window. Go to the Tones tab in iTunes. (Be aware when you Sync the iPhone, you will lose your musicSync iPhone, to load Ringtone. Now click on the Settings on the iPhone, then Sounds then Ringtone and you are all done. Hope this helps people out they may have run into the same type of luck. God Bless



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