How to Clean up the gunk out of the computer fan

Today, we are going to venture into the inside of the computer and clean the main cooling fan. Now, you will find that there are usually two fans. One is connected on the top of the (CPU) Central Processing Unit  and the other one is located usually at the back panel of the computer.  We will removing the fan out of a Dell Computer Desktop. So, things will differ.

First thing you will want to do is shut down the operating system. Next you want to pull the power plug disconnecting it from the computer. Next is remove all wire connectors from the back and front of the computer. Once done you will need a screwdriver, a can of air(which can be found in most discount stores, Walmart, Bestbuy, and a small paint brush. You are also going to need if you don’t have one already is Static Strap. This strap will go over the wrist and the connecting wire will have an alligator clip, this will hook to a metal piece on the computer. This will prevent Static Electricity from  damaging the internal parts of the computer.

We will reach inside the computer, than moving to the back of the computer, there is a tab that holds the fan in place. So, grabbing a hold of the air scoop and the fan,  grabbing a hold of the tab pushing slightly to release then  pulling the case fan  towards you, this releases the fan.

There is a red,white, and black wire connector  which powers the fan and connects to the Motherboard. Remove the connecting wires. You should be able to remove the fan from out of the case. Then taking the paint brush, cleaning the blades. If it is real bad, you can use a vacuum. After it is all clean time to place the fan back inside. On the Dell, there are four tabs that have to be lined up. Once these are lined up, slide towards the power supply. Reconnect the wires to the motherboard, slide the cover back on the unit. Reconnect all your wires, and plug-in making sure everything is working properly.


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