computer repair replacing the optical drive

hardware optical drive interface of Sony DVD-R...

hardware optical drive interface of Sony DVD-ROM drive DDU1621 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today we are going to be talking about replacing the optical drive. You will find the  Optical Drive or disc drive  just  above the Hard drive in the computer.

The disc drive is held in by four screws, drawer faces out. To begin with you will want to  put on your Electrostatic Discharge Strap, which is a wrist strap, with an Alligator Clip attached for grounding, to prevent Electrostatic Discharge which is quite harmful to the computer. If you don’t have one of these, you can find these at most computer, electronic stores

We will start by  unplugging  the computer from the socket.

Next we want to remove the retaining screws that are holding the cover on the case, than sliding it  off.  After locating the Optical Drive, you will see two screws on one side, remove these, there should be two other screws on the other side.  You may have to remove the cover that the motherboard sits if you find it won’t budge to remove the other two screws.   You should be able to remove the optical Drive by  sliding it out the front of the case.

Before you remove the Optical drive,  make sure you remove the power plug from the rear of the unit, and either the  40 pin ribbon cable or a single Sata colored wire.

Once,  you have removed it,  put it aside and pick up the new one.   If you have two Optical Drive’s you will  want to make one of the drives,  master and the other slave.  You will have to make the adjust by moving  the  jumper. The Jumper is a small 2 pin connector. This is on the back side, same area where the power plug is located. This will depend on the instructions that is on the unit.  Using a set of forceps to pull off  the jumper, allows you  to move it to the proper place,. MA for  Master, SL for Slave or CS for Cable Select.  Your device if is a Sata, may not have a jumper.

Now, we are going to   slide the new one into the open bay, connecting the ribbon cable, power plug or colored wire (Sata) .

Once you have fastened in the four screws to hold the Optical Drive into place, make sure all your connections are tight.  Remove the Electrostatic discharge Strap, then  replace the cover to the case.


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