The Optical drive or Disc Drive

English: DVD-RW recorder

English: DVD-RW recorder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, we are going to be talking about the disc drive or Optical Drive. It is used to retrieve and store data to be transferred to a Compact Disc.  When your looking for  a disc drive to replace the one that has gone bad, you want to make sure that the specifications  is  compatible to play Digital Versatile Disc”  DVDs, or Compact disk’s.

If you want to use it as a burner, such as transferring your favorite music to a Compact Disc. You will want to see somewhere on the device that it is  a Compact Disc rewritable.  or DVD rewritable.   Now, if you only see Compact Disc, than it will play Compact disc’s but, you won’t be able to burn or transfer your music to a blank Compact Disc. This goes also for DVD players, if it isn’t marked DVD,  it won’t play  DVD’s.  Happy Computing and God Bless



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