iPhone – “Do not disturb”

English: The camera of the iPhone 4. The rear ...

English: The camera of the iPhone 4. The rear camera is on top. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi, everybody, today we are going to be talking about the “Do not disturb “feature on the iPhone.  This is setting is used to allow your phone to be one, but, if you’re a evening sleepier, maybe you don’t want somebody waking you for whatever reason.  So to begin with go to settings,  switch the “do not disturb” from off to on. Touch the notifications tab below, here you will see “do not disturb“, touch on this then  Notifications. Tap  “Do not Disturb” here you see Scheduled below this will be the time that you want the  iPhone, not to disturb you while you are sleeping. Don’t worry if you have set the alarm, it will still go off. Now you can also choose, if you want to receive certain calls, to do this just touch “Allow calls from”, this will give you a set of choices either everyone, no one, or your favorites. You will know when it is on, by the half shaped moon at the top of the Apple main screen.

I know how  locations services can be very helpful,  when using as a GPS,  to get directions.  However, You might find that your battery will drain more quickly when it is on.   To shut off  Locations services,  go to the” Home Screen” touch the settings icon, then Privacy, then Locations to switch Off.

Setting the password is also something that is needed. To do this touch Settings, then General, turn on Passcode, enter passcode, you will have to do this twice. Then touch “require passcode” it will give you some choices of how long you want before the screen is locked  having you to re-enter the password, these are from Immediately, to 1-5 minutes. Good Luck, God Bless. God Gets the Glory!!!!


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