where is the device manager?

Today, we are going to be talking about the device Manager, this program holds all the drivers for your system, if you’re talking about a mouse, display, hard drive,or  Usb’s  (Universal Serial Bus) this is where you will find these devices and others.  For Windows XP  go to the device manager,  click on the  start button,  go to the control panel, click on system, click the hardware tab,  then the Device manager tab, here will list the devices that you have on your computer.  For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you want to go to the start button, click on the control panel, then click on Device Manager. If you have a problem with a driver and you are the administrator for the computer click the + next to the device you’re having the problem with. It  will drop down,  Left-click on the device, then Right-click on the device, you should have four choices displayed for you. Click uninstall, click OK, than go back to the where the device was, doesn’t have to be exact. Left click on one of the devices, than right-click  and click on “scan for hardware changes” and see if this will correct the problem. Other issues could be a red “X” on the device, this means the device is disabled, to fix this just  left click on the device, Right-click  “Enable” and restart the computer.


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