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Today, I’m going to be talking on how to make a screenshot, this would be used for example lets say you have something on the screen that you would like to copy, you have an error message that you want somebody to take a look at  and you want to send it in a e-mail.

So let’s get started shall we. You will need to locate paint, In Windows  XP, click start button, go to all programs, then accessories,you will find paint half way down. To make a shortcut, Right-click on paint, a scroll will open up, move to send to > Desktop (Create Shortcut) You can do this the same way in Vista and Windows 7. If you have Windows Vista, or Windows 7, locate the start button, than type “paint in the search field.

To do a screenshot, go on the internet or open a file you would like to copy, press the function key(FN) or the Windows flag on the keyboard than click (Print scr near the top of  the keyboard ) push both buttons down at the same time. Than go to paint, click the edit tab, than click Paste. click the File tab then press save, Type in particular name and your done, go to pictures to see screenshot it will be saved here.

One of the ways in windows 7 is to  press the function key(fn) and the print screen key(prt sc) same way as in Vista. To  use the snipping tool  locate the search field  type in “Snipping Tool” then click on this and click new.

The screen will look out of focus, than left-click basically dragging the mouse across what you want to snip, once you have that done, release the mouse go to paint, click paste then save. Go to Pictures to see screenshot that you made. Have a Great Blessed Day!


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