Hidden wallpaper in windows 7

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To find the hidden desktop wallpaper, go to computer then right-click on the hard drive go to OPEN, than find the WINDOWS folder and Click on it. Go to the GLOBALIZATION folder after you click on this you should see two folders, ELS and SORTING, in the top RIGHT is a search bar, type in MCT, You will see folders that say MCT – ZA – US – GB – CK – AU. You can have all the folders Open up if you click on the first folder hold down the shift key and move the arrow key down and highlight all five folders and then press enter they all will open up into separate windows so you can access each folder. You want to then click on theme for each folder. If you only want to open one folder just click on that folder but, you will have to use the Back space key for each folder These pictures will be transferred to the personalization folder, also known as the desktop.


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