Making a folder and burning only certain pictures

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Today, we are going to talk on how to make a folder. First thing Right click on the desktop, go to new, than folder. Now you would probably want to name it. To do this hit the space bar, and type in the new name for your folder. If that doesn’t work , right-click on the folder, a scroll will open up click rename, than type in the new name and press enter.

Now double-click on one of the folders you have just made,. Once the folder opens up, left click on those pictures you want in that particular folder assuming if you downloaded them to the desktop, if you didn’t click on the start button, than pictures once the window pane open up, it will display your pictures, than drag them from the picture folder pane to either your desktop or to the other folder that you have already made up.

Now we are going to talk about burning a group of folders to one compact disc or Cd as they are called. So the window pane to the pictures folder is open and lets say you want to only burn certain pictures or folders. To do this you will want to click on the first picture or folder, let go of the mouse then holding down the shift key move the arrow key in what ever direction you want to go. Once you have them marked than click the burn tab. The computer will only burn those four folders that you have marked, if you have several on your desktop you can do the same,open up the computer pane after you have marked them you can drag the folders, to the CD-ROM this is after you have formatted the CD or DVD.


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