clean install or loading fresh copy of windows Vista

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Today we are going though the steps needed to install Vista on your computer. After you located the operation disc, pop it into the Cd-Rom. Should you not be able to load do a clean install , pop in the disc, then shut off computer and restart the computer.  You should then see the Vista logo. Click on install now. You want to go online to get the updates before loading windows. After your done, accept License terms. Choose the Custom setting for loading Windows. On the partition size click the largest hard-drive. Click OK to install> Windows will load files and start the install, computer will restart, it will continue to load windows. After the computer restarts, you will see “Please wait while Windows prepares to start for the first time.” Computer will continue to install windows, than restarts.

Now this is where you will set up a user account, use Recommend settings for Windows Update. Remove disc and your done loading windows. Make sure you load your driver’s disc next. You should see a warning that you have no anti-virus. After you click on the warning it will take you to the security center. Click on “Find a program” it will direct you to a selection of anti-virus’ to choose from. This concludes installing your Vista operating system.


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