Recovery discs

Inner view of a Seagate 3.5 inches hard disk d...
Inner view of a Seagate 3.5 inches hard disk drive Medalist ST33232A model manufactured in Malaysia in 1998. Parallel ATA interface, ultra DMA mode 2, I/O data-transfer rate 33.3 MB/s max, 3,227 MB, 3 platters, 6 physical read/write heads, spindle speed 4,500 RPM, cache buffer 128 kB, MTBF 300,000 hours, dimensions 146.8 x 102.4 x 26.2 mm, weight 540 grams. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It used to be that when you bought a computer, it came with what is known as recovery disc‘s. These discs were provided by whichever manufacturer sold your computer. It was a nice way of knowing that if something went wrong on your hard drive, you could wipe it clean using  these discs.

Now however the companies put the recovery discs on a partition a small area of the hard drive. When you have the time, hopefully sooner than later. Reason being is if you do this after getting a virus on your computer because you don’t have virus protection. You might have to order the discs from the manufacture.  You will  need 3 DVDs-r, (this will only copy the operating system, not any programs that you have added) to do this go to the start button,  all programs,  recovery manager and the recovery disk creation progrm for windows 7. Then follow the prompts, each set of instructions will be different.

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