Limited user or Administrator

Today, we are going to be talking about having two accounts for your computer. Everyone should have  Administrator and a limited user.  The reason for this is if your on the  internet, and you get a virus in the administrator account, all is lost. What I mean is the virus will corrupt all the files, since it has access to the administrator account, however if you were on the internet under limited user, the virus would only attack the limited user account, so if you want your computer to be safe, use the limited account when surfing the internet.

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To get to the user account in Windows Vista and Windows 7,  go to the start button>control panel>  User Account. Here you can create a  new account, change the account name, change or remove a password, change the picture, set up parental controls, change the account type, delete an account, or manage another account.  Hopefully you have a password for both accounts, especially if you don’t want somebody  accessing your computer without your permission.


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